ADD/ ADHD – inattention, distractibility, forgetfulness, fidgeting, hyperactivity, impulsivity

Addictions – smoking, gambling, drug, alcohol, sexual

Autism Spectrum Disorders – poor social skills, trouble making friends, rigid behaviors, prefers routine, has trouble adapting to change, sensory issues

Anxiety Disorders – excessive worrying, racing thoughts, tension, avoidance, irrational fears

Chronic Illness and Pain – coping with pain, trouble swallowing pills, needle phobias, problems following medical instructions or treatment, end of life issues

Compulsive Behaviors – skin picking, excessive pulling ones’ own body hair, hoarding

Behavior Problems – tantrums, arguing, refusing to follow instructions, anger outbursts, lying, sneaking out, stealing, truancy

Eating Disorders – binging, vomiting or laxative use to lose weight, severe food restriction, eating non-food substances,

Educational Problems – learning disorders, underachievement, poor comprehension, dyslexia

Gender Issues or Sexuality – sexual identity, gender identity, excessive pornography use, sexual performance, cross dressing

Mood Disorders – excessive sadness or irritability, withdrawn, anger outbursts, extreme mood swings

Psychotic Disorders – hearing or seeing things no one else can, unusual beliefs, paranoia

Relationship Issues – family or partner conflict, poor social skills, communication skills

Sleep Disturbances –trouble falling asleep, delay tactics at bedtime, sleeping too much or too little, bad dreams, nighttime awakenings

Stressful Life Events – adjusting to divorce, grief, moving, having a baby, unemployment, etc.

Trauma or Abuse – continual memories of the trauma, feeling like the event is happening again, distress when reminded of the event, difficulty relaxing, nightmares

Reasons Clients Continue to Choose Mental Health & Associates

Denise Marandola, PhD has over 20 years experience providing therapy and Psychological testing services.

 Michelle Buhman-Livermore, LISW is a certified Clinical Trauma Specialist-Family

Gladys Smith, LISW has over 30 years working with adolescents.

Melissa Lee, LISW Melissa has over 20 years of experience working with grief, life changes, and complex medical conditions.

Laura Malcolm, LMSW Laura’s areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, stress management, self-esteem, and relationship issues

Carmen Hoogers, MS, LMHC  works with adolescents and adults 16 and up. She offers help to individual and family therapy, as well as parental guidance.

Ashley Ewoldt, tLMHC, NCC has experience in using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Trauma, and Adjustment Disorders.